Nanay, You're Right!

Inspired by last week's RX93.9 The Morning Rush Top 10, I'm making my own version of their "Mom, You're Right!" topic. These are some of the things, situations me and my nanay argue with but at the end realize that she was right :)

1. When I was a kid, you hide chocolates sent by Tatay when he was still in Saudi to limit us from eating them because you want us to grow with healthy teeth. I thought you're being selfish so you could have all the chocolates. But Nanay, you're right! It saved me from wearing false teeth :D

2. When I was in 3rd year college, I'm so eager to work, so I took a part-time job as service crew because I wanted to prove something. You told me not to rush things out but focus and enjoy my studies, because when I graduate that's the right time to work. Nanay, you're sooo right! Now there's no sem-break, summer vacation, or even an excuse not to work.

3. You always pressure us to eat our vegetables telling us it would make us healthy. Nanay you're right! I grew up to enjoy eating vegetables especially ampalaya not like other kids having hard time eating veggies.

4. Growing up I saw how selfless you are, telling us always that we need to be good to people and relatives whenever we have the opportunity to bless or help them. I never understood this before 'coz I thought that they're are getting the best of you leaving us nothing. But Nanay, you're right! Now, we, your kids, are reaping the good things you've sowed. We've established a good relationship with our relatives and neighbors because of the kindness you showed them.


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