LSS: JayeSSlee ♥♥♥

Image taken from fanpage
Been addicted to Jayesslee's music this week. I could listen to them all day. I love their rendition of Payphone by Maroon 5, it's amazing and even better than the original, at least for me ;) 

But more than their sweet, angelic voice is their  life's story that truely touched my heart. Behind their tender, petite physique nests a brave heart and tough faith to God during the time their mom was diagnosed with breast cancer until the time God took her away. Their testimony is an inspiration to trust  in God, to always rejoice in whatever situation we are in and to live today like there's no tomorrow. 

Now Janice and Sonia are more than just a voice and a face. Knowing their story made me more appreciate their music. Jayesslee's amazing voices are as pure as their hearts. Jayesslee rocks! Inside and out!


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