Add Signature to your Blogger Posts

Today, I learned how to add signature in my blogger posts. Satisfied by the outcome I found myself documenting this experience :)

1. Create free signature online

There are lots of personalized signature maker websites online for free. I got mine at MyLiveSignature where you have option to make your own signature through their signature creation wizard, draw a signature from the screen or use a scanned image.
With their signature creation wizard, you can make your own signature in 5 easy steps:
Step 1: Enter your name
Step 2: Select the font
Step 3: Select the size
Step 4: Select the color
Step 5: Set the slope

Once the signature is ready, click "Want to use this signature?" link to allow you to generate HTML codes for your signature.

Select the signature format that you want to generate HTML code. Once you're done, copy the generated code.

2. Setup your signature in your blogger

Login in to your blogger account. Go to your dashboard, click "Template" then click "Edit HTML"

3. Proceed with HTML editing

4. Click "Expand Widget Template" checkbox. Ctrl + F to display Find bar, and find this particular HTML code:
  class="post-footer-line post-footer-line-1"

5. Just below the "post-footer-line post-footer-line-1" div tag, add the following HTML codes:
Don't forget to replace 'IMAGE URL' with the actual image source URL you've generated from the MyLiveSignature website. In my case, I've pasted the following HTML codes:

6. Feel free to preview the template first before saving it.


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