At the end of it

These past few days I've been distracted with so many "unnecessary" things in life which I thought would make me happy, only to become more frustrated and I wasn't happier at all. As I quiet my soul and de-clutter my mind, I was inspired to make a poem, seems like the "frustrated writer" in me wants to let loose =) felt so elementary and high school =D Anyways I'm still sharing it.

At the end of the day...
It's not our busyness at work that fulfill us
But the stillness of our hearts

At the end of the week...
It's not the loud party that refreshes us
But a quiet soul ready to be filled

At the end of the month...
It's not how many money we get from our paycheck
But how much are we willing to give

At the end of the year...
It's not how many places we've traveled into
But how many lives we've touched

It's not the new skills we've acquired
But the life lessons that we've learned - being grateful, forgiving, humble

It's not how many books we've read
But how well we understand God's message to us through the Bible

At the end of this life...
It's not how accomplished we are in life and career
But how we love, share, encourage people that came along our way

It's not how we many awards and recognition we had
But how God would evaluate us and will we hear from Him "Well done, my good and faithful servant!"

--Author: Girlie Mangalo

Picture taken from Bilar's Man-made forest during our Bohol trip in 2010.


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