Bee-dazzle Me!

Our trip to Bohol Bee Farm inspired me to write this post about this amazing insect. Since I met them they kept bugging me with ideas and thoughts I wanted to write :) Here are some of the facts I learned during our guided tour:

  1. Honeybees are social and cooperative insects.  
  2. Honeybees are classified in 3 types - workers, queen and drones
  3. Female honeybees are the worker bees - they search for food; build honeycomb; feed the queen and the larvae and protect the hive.
  4. Queen bee can lay up to 2000 eggs/day and can live for 4 - 5 years
  5. Male honeybees also called "drones" makes no honey, doesn't sting. Their only task is to mate with the queen
  6. Honeybees are the best engineers they make hives in layers of perfect hexagonal shaped cells
  7. They are fighters, a female honeybee stings to defend herself even if it means dying
  8. They can fly 24 km/hour and their wings beat 200 times/second 
  9. During search for food, if a honeybee flew miles away, they can still return to their colony by using their exceptional sense of smell
  10. Any flower visited by a honeybee to get nectar is edible for human beings
  11. They use a pattern of dancing to communicate with one other. I find this very impressive because in spite of the fact that they can't talk they maintain an organized colony and cooperation with one another :)
I don't understand but everytime I saw a honeycomb in pictures and videos I always got goosebumps. Our Bohol Bee Farm trip is not an exception, seeing an actual beehive, honeybees buzzing around and the layer-layer cells of honeycomb is a remarkable experience for me. This bee experience bee-dazzles me :D


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