Bohol: Church Invasion

Bohol is blessed with these superior edifice aged by time and towered through the test of war and weather. It's amazing that people of Bohol was able to preserve such historical architectures. Here are some of the churches in Bohol that we we're able to visit :)

Baclayon Church
From the hometown of Cesar Montano, stands the 2nd oldest church in the Philippines - Baclayon Church aka The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion. Historians say that more than 200 locals are forced to construct the church from coral stones taken from the sea, cut into big square blocks then piled together using egg whites to cement the stones together to build the walls and foundation of the church. The church was finally completed in 1727 which means it is 284 years old now and counting whoa!

Our tour guide showed us some strange phenomena where a replica of the face of Father Pio can be seen in one of the pillars at the right side of this church.

Dauis Church
Dauis church is located in the town of Dauis from the island of Panglao.

Loboc ChurchThe 2nd oldest church in Bohol, also known as St. Peter's Church. We've pass this massive and ancient architecture on our way to Loboc river cruise. Although we we're not able to visit the interiors, we were able to witness how it stands historically along the road. 


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