Weekend blast!

Last weekend was a blast! Attended wedding of my elementary, high school buddy in Valenzuela on Saturday afternoon... Prepared and hosted the 2nd birthday party of my nephew in Marilao, Bulacan on Sunday...

Nevertheless, I found it fulfilling and grateful that i didn't missed both events.

For Allan's wedding, I'm so happy for this milestone of his life, and excited on the bigger things ahead of them with Anne. Yes it wouldn't be easy, but as long as they have each other I know it wouldn't be difficult. Hmmm, one thing I realized during this event... it inspired me to start writing my vows for my partner (wink, wink) sounds exciting :D

Ramiah's birthday on the other hand, was also a certified weekender party. We celebrated it not only with the family but with our relatives, friends and neighbors. I guess that makes it more fun. I also enjoyed hosting the kiddie party, though it was a kidnapped hosting... I'm glad it turned out well as the kids participated and enjoyed our games.


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