Heaven is a Person!

Recently Fridays have been one of my anticipated days, aside from the TGIF mode, I also got to attend the 'Sign of the Times' series @CCF. Though I just caught their last 2 sessions, it's more than enough to bless and encourage me plus an opportunity to invite my colleagues :) Thanked God for people behind these event and for the exceptional speakers whom God is continually using to touch other people's life.

Last Friday, March 26, we had an interesting topic entitled "The Promise" where Pastor Vince Burke gave us 5 points about heaven. He started the talk well explaining that death is definite! Statistics show that 1 out of 1 person die and no one comes out of this world alive. True though :D

1. Heaven is a Place

2. Heaven is a Person

3. Heaven is Permanent

4. Heaven is Perfect

5. Heaven is Free

One thing that really struck me is the phrase "Heaven is a Person" cause I never thought of heaven that way... all I knew before is, it's the future destination of people with personal relationship to Christ Jesus... a dwelling place of reward, rejoicing and worshiping God... where there is no more death, therefore no mourning; no more pain, no sorrow, no crying... what a perfect place to live :)

But now I realize that more than the great promises of heaven it is God who makes it the best place for His children. It is God's presence emanating in this land that makes it our eternal home

Finally, "Heaven is Free" all we need to do is accept Jesus as our personal Saviour and live our lives for His greater purposes. For Christians, the challenge is this, "Heaven is free, are we sharing it?"


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