Macau: Heritage Walk

How to get there?
From Macau Ferry Terminal, you could take the Grand Lisboa Casino Free Shuttle and then walk (less than 15 minutes) to Senado Square.

Due to our limited time, we took a cab and rushed to Almeida Ribeiro, main street of Downtown Macau. The anticipated heritage walk started at the Senate Square/Largo do Senado, a UNESCO World Heritage Site "Historic Centre of Macau". The square is surfaced with Portuguese pavement in wave-pattern of blue and white stones. During our visit, Senate Square is in festive mood as it's decorated with colorful Chinese lanterns and display.

This area reminds me of our very own Vigan :)

Rambling around we were greeted with ancient architectures like Leal Senado building, Macau Museum and Old City walls, which is a small version of our Corregidor's battery herns. Of course, main attractions are the historical churches like St. Augustine's (Santo Agostinho), The Cathedral, St. Dominic's (Sao Domingo), and finally the great ruined fa├žade and staircase of the Mother of God - now popularly known as St. Paul (Sao Paulo).

66 stone steps will lead you to the intricate carvings on the facade with Jerusalem cross on top.

To complete your heritage walk, be sure not to miss the following must try of Macau:

Treat yourself with free beef jerky strips along the way...

Grab a bite of their famous macau egg tart at 5.00 patacas each.

Have a taste of the macau dai pai dongs(street foods) at 8.00 patacas per stick... oops be careful with the sauce it's flaming hot and spicy.

Buy your pasalubongs at San Malo =) Pick from their colorful delicacies, if you're good at bargaining, you'll get the best deal of your money.

Lastly shop for "I love Macau" shirt for 25.00 patacas.


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