Macau @Night

"Las Vegas of Asia" as they call it, Macau indeed is one of the most visited country in Asia. Their immigrations affirm... packed with more tourist than locals, whew! they even accommodated visitors in HK Residents/Macau Residents window just to speed up the line. Enough for that rant!

Now let's explore Macau! We landed Thursday, 9:45pm from our Cebu Pacific flight at Aeroporto Internacional de Macau, their airport proves that they were once a Portuguese colony. Makes me more excited on other influences Portuguese left in Macau aside from their airport.

From the airport, we took taxi that brought us to Macau Peninsula. Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge also known as Macau-Taipa Bridge is fascinating at night with Macau Tower on the side... wow! I'm bedazzled...

We stayed at Hotel Nam Tim, which is 2-3 minute walk to Macau casinos/hotels. First item in our itinerary! explore Macau @night. As grand as the Macau-Taipa Bridge is Grand Lisboa, strategically located in the heart of Macau. The architectural design of the building is mesmerizing, imagine a snake with its body twisted and its head straight up... Can't wait to enter the lobby which is also elegant and stylish. The levels where full of foreigners brave enough to take their chances in playing with the slot machines; casino games (craps and roulette) and card games (poker and blackjack).

We were WOWed by the fountain show in front of Wynn Hotel performing every hour.

By 12pm, we catched "The Golden Tree," an indoor lights and sound show depicting prosperity. I even saw Chinese audience dropping coins in the majestic tree.
I was able to capture this multimedia show with my cam :D watch how the ceiling with Chinese horoscope sculpture gently opens to uncover an abstract dancing lights. Lights eventually strips into two to reveal a grandiose chandelier. After this, the golden dome carefully opens displaying the 20-meter tall golden tree as it rotates and rises on the floor. The show ends by returning all items into its original position.
See from left to right...

Finally, another superb architecture is the MGM Grand. Where we felt spellbound by its majestic interiors.

To cap off, I could say experiencing Macau @night is the grandest adventure I ever had, so far ;)


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