Taal trek adventure @Tagaytay

We left Alabang at 9:30am, head off to Talisay, Batangas. Past 11 am, when we arrived at Taal Yatch Club, here we can securely leave our things and rent a boat that will bring us to the jump off point of the Taal trek. Boatride cost us P1800 (maximum of 5 persons), since we are 7 in a group we hired 2 boats.

At 11:40am, we started sailing in Taal lake with our tour guide Manong Rolly. From the boat you could see the commonly mistaken volcano cone in your right side. We reached the island after 30 minutes, went directly to the Registration booth for the P50/person tourist fee payment.

Horse terminal where you can rent for a horse(P350-P500) to bring you at the view deck.

We opted to do the trek by feet :D Exactly 12:30pm as we start our ascent to this 4-kilometer stretch, I could feel Mr. Sun beaming to us :| Aside from the humid air, the trail is dusty, with filthy smell of horse's poop. Make it worst everytime a horse catches up with you as it sweeps you with dust :|

There are also part of the slope which are difficult to climb and will require leg power and cardio strength.

Nevertheless, this 55 minute expedition is worth the effort once you reach the view deck on top. The crater perspective is breathtaking...

Refreshments were available but a bit pricey. Sodas and buco juice will cost you P50. There are also pasalubong centers along the nipa huts of the view deck area.

We enjoyed the spectacular crater view for about 30 minutes... then begin our hike down at 1:50pm. The descent is less exhausting, we got to enjoy the red rocks and took more pictures on our way down. It took us only 45 minutes back to the starting point, where we could finally say we prevailed! :D

boat ride - 1800.00 (maximum of 5 persons)
tourist fee - 50.00 / head
docking fee - 20.00 / boat
horse ride - 350.00 - 500.00 (optional)


littleparis said…
naks! congratulations! parang d ko ata kakayanin ung ginawa niyo :) hehe
GiRLie said…
hi aye,

you can opt to ride a horse on your way to the crater, some of the girls did... mga boys lang naglakad plus me :)) haha one of the boys :D

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