Macau-Hongkong: An edutainment journey

Aside from savoring the tourist destinations of Macau and Hongkong, we also take pleasure in observing the people and their culture. As fascinating as our travel adventures were the experiences that we would never forget.

* Macau immigration officers have no facial expressions :| as if they're androids programmed to received your passport, check the departure slip, verify your picture, examine your face and mark your passport. And they do this for every single tourist going in and out their country. Boring!

* Hongkong restaurant's serves luke warm water and not cold water as we do here in the Philippines. Healthy living there :)

* Filipinos abroad are very warm people, they initiate small talk, welcomes you with a smile and are comfortable sharing their experiences. But what's hearth breaking is... most of the Filipinos that we met @Hong Kong are domestic helpers, don't get me wrong, I don't have anythings against helpers... in fact I recognize how they sacrifice for their family. What I meant here is, why can't our government send more professionals instead of domestic helpers? whew! this is going to be a long commentary, let's just move to my next point :D

* Macau and Hongkong airport are bustling even at night. You could see tons of foreigners lining up at immigrations to visit these countries. I envy them... I hope we could also strengthen our tourism and invite foreigners to see how beautiful our country is :D

* When you're abroad, you'd feel that language is really a communication barrier. We had an unforgettable and blooper experience at Macau while we checked in to our hostel. The owner can't understand English. When we asked her, she even mentioned "No English, no English" :D good luck to us. lols. We were able to resolve this when the owner took a paper and pen, wrote the word "room" and "available" then we all just nodded


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