Macau-Hongkong 3 Days, 4 Nights Itinerary

A month before our trip, I've been reading through forums and blogs about Macau and Hongkong tourist attractions. I regret booking the flight first before doing my research on our destinations. We booked a Macau-Manila, back and forth tickets via Cebu Pacific, and planned to visit Hongkong, which is an hour away via ferry.

A better itinerary could have been Manila-Hongkong, Hongkong-Macau via ferry and finally Macau-Manila... We could have saved 1 ferry trip fare, time and immigration hassles. Anyways, learning curves ;) in spite of this, we manage to make an appropriate 3 day, 4 night itinerary:
Macau-Hongkong Itinerary

Whew! this one's a full IT, but we'll see what happens ;)

Below are the links that i found helpful in planning our Macau-Hongkong trip


hi girlie! im interested to know about your 4n3d hong kong-macau itinerary, but im having trouble viewing it. i'll be in hk in oct 18,arriving at midnight and am wondering if i can refer to ur itinerary, im sure it's well-planned. if possible, please email it to me at

thanks girl!
GiRLie said…
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GiRLie said…
Hi Herchell!

Thanks for dropping by... I alreay sent our Macau-HK IT in your gmail account :)
Enjoy your trip dear :)

Celala said…
Hi girlie! I'm interested with your itinerary since we bought the same flight, manila-macau and days to be spent. Can you please send your IT to my email: Thank you in advance :)mi
ca said…
hi! can i also have this IT? I'm planning to have an HK-Macau trip and this is very helpful. will it be alright to send it to me thru Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Hi! Can i also have a copy of your IT, we have tje same number of days and i am kinda lost on making our IT. My email is Thanks
GiRLie said…
Hi adventurousfeet,rodney:

I'm glad you find my post helpful. I did send the IT just today. Hope you'll had a great time in HK-Macau just like we did ;)

GiRLie said…
@rodney: oops i experience mail delivery failure while sending to your email address, and
do you have other email addy?
Anonymous said…
Hi girlie email add is , thanks so much
shyr said…
hi girlie!

your blog's great, I must say. what caught my attention really was uo macau-hk trip.could you please e-mail me ur itinerary...thanks a lot. keep writing!

here's my add:
Roy James said…

I'm very much interested to know your experience in your 3D4N HK-Macau trip. Please email me at

Thank you,
GiRLie said…
Hi Roy,

Sorry it took me a while, been busy :)
ill send you our IT for Macau-HK trip today

liz said…
hi girlie, can you also email me your itinerary? I tried to download pero di na pala pwede, salamat in advance. my email is
jaqkie said…
Hi Girlie! You are an angel! :) I'be been searching for a better itinerary if macau to hongkong or vice versa and i suddenly saw your blog...Can i have a copy of your itinerary? please send it to me at Thank you so much in advance!
paclotte said…
hi girlie! can you also send me your itinerary.. my friends and I are planning to spend xmas in hk-macau.. thanks! my email add is
GiRLie said…
Hi paclotte!

I made the IT document public already :D you should be able to view it upon clicking the link :)

Lemme know if you still encounter problem

Anonymous said…
hi babe, can i have a copy of your itinerary too? Never been to HK :(
GiRLie said…
hi tootootbao!

I already made this doc public, clicking the "Macau-Hongkong Itinerary" link should redirect you to the actual scribd document =)

Anonymous said…
Hi! thanks for the posts. This may be of big help from us. big favor, May I request if its possible to have your ITI sent to my email account? I, together with my family, am set to travel to Macau by next week. you my share your iti at Thanks much!

GiRLie said…
Hi Grace,

Just click on Macau-HK IT link :) it should direct you to scribd document which I think can be downloaded

let me know if you have problems with that

alyana viesca said…
Hi girlie I would like to ask the same favor as everyone else pls if its not a hassle you will u send your ite to my email I would really appreciate it coz I'm travelling with my mom and she's sick so it would really mean a lot to me... arsviesca@gmail.con
GiRLie said…
Hi Alyana,

Kindly click on the link i provided in this post, it should direct you to

Let me know if you have problem accessing this.


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