Anawangin, Capones Island Getaway

How to get there?
Since we arranged with a package trip, going there was not a hassle to us. The package includes a rented van that met us in 2 pick up points(Megastrip, Megamall and Starbuck Trinoma). We had a stop-over at San Antonio town to buy food at their market, then brought us to Brgy. Pundaquit and picked us up there the following day.

But for those who will be commuting, here's how:
* There are bus liners that offers trip to Zambales. One of this is Victory liner, ride bus going to Sta Cruz or Iba (Fare is Php 207-250). Travel time is about 3-4 hours.
* Descend at San Antonio town proper, take a tricyle(Php 15-40 each) to Pundaquit for about 10-20 minutes, where you can rent for a boat that would bring you to Anawangin. Round trip fare for boat that can carry 3-5 pax is P800-1200. In about 30 minutes you'll be able to step at the white sand of Anawangin cove :)

Reminder: There is no signal at the cove, so make sure you'll make arrangements with your bangkero on what time they'll pick you up the next day.

We suggest instead of availing a package tour(where we're disappointed), you do it your way by renting a van (Rent a Van contact: John, 0928-9904336).

If you find boat fare a bit expensive, you can choose to do it by hiking, just inform the tricycle driver to bring you at the start up point of the trek to Anawangin cove.

What to bring?
First aid
1-2 liters of water (you can buy at Pundaquit, Php 80 per gallon)
Utensils (plates, knife, spoon and forks)
Cookset (included in the package)
Flashlight and Batteries
Food (rice, bread, fruits, fish and meat that we bought at San Antonio market)

Opps don't forget the tent and the hammock to chill ;) plus your cameras :)

Anawangin is blessed with fine and white sand brought by the Mt. Pinatubo lahar back in 1991 eruption and at the same time growing its luscious pine trees.

The other side of Anawangin is a scenic river surrounded by pine trees and majestic mountain ranges on the side.

While part of the camp site resembles to Korea and Japan.. with the sand as white as the snow and the growing pine trees :D Amazing!

Anawangin cove is indeed one paradise...


Our Capones experience is one kind of adventure... 20-30 minute boat ride from Anawangin cove. We left the boat at the dock and head off for the hike :)

We did a 40-60 minute walk along the slippery and rocky shores of the island under the heat of the sun... whew! the trail going up the lighthouse is steep and forested. You really need a guide here, otherwise you may get lost since there are no signages that would lead you to the lighthouse, only bushy shrubs, fallen leaves and branches and the sun rays filtering through the trees.

The architecture resembles to Burgos lighthouse of Ilocos. The lighthouse was built in 1886 and was operational by 1890. Previously maintained by Philippine Coast Guards, but unfortunately not operational anymore... all that is left is ruins of the old Spanish lighthouse (Faro de Punta Capones)

Nevertheless, the view at the top of the lighthouse is astonishing.


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