Are you familiar with this annoying sign?! If you're an MRT buddy, I'm sure you do, it has been days, even weeks that I've been seeing this post on MRT cashier windows. And what's more irritating is, in cases tickets are available(which rarely happens) MRT does not sell more than 1 stored value ticket per passenger, as if you will not pay for it.

Aren't the MRT officials tired of seeing long passenger's queues and clamor day in and out the station. Are they blind not to see this obvious issue that burdens the commuters everyday.

MRT cashier reasoned out that some passenger doesn't make use of the bonus ride thus affecting the circulation of the tickets... what a lame explanation! it's not even worth to trouble most of the passengers to line up just to buy single journey tickets everytime they'll ride their out-dated trains. Hayz!

Ranting over. I don't see this "limiting" strategy solves the main problem, because this would bring passengers to panic and more likely hoard stored value tickets even more. A win-win scenario for me is: less passengers lining up at MRT cashiers to buy tickets, which means less work for the MRT employees as well. In order to do this, I've got some suggestions which I think is a feasible long term solution to our dilemma.

* MRT can produce cards that are reloadable, one card can be used by a passenger for life :D depending on his/her usage;
* Produce cards of higher denomination like 200 or 500

We can't just wait, stare or accept situation as it is. I hope the MRT officials will attend and act fast on this issue, because these thousands of passengers who pays for the maintenance and salaries of the MRT employees does not deserve such lousy service.


BoyBoy Palabok said…
Great! I really like your suggestion for Stored Value Cards with higher denominations. Hope the Admin of MRT sees this :)

As for reloadable cards, you may want to try AXS Kitkat cards. I've been using (tapping) it ever since the SV Ticket crisis started and it works great.

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