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Woman is a gift, intricately wrapped by the ultimate Designer of life.  

A woman is more than just a face, she is filled with passion to her craft and she delivers the work done. At the same time she is more than just a body, she is strong inside and out. She is a person full of vision and ideals.  Her handbag is packed of dreams and aspirations she needs to keep pressing on. She exhibits a charm that could turn a worse scenario into something beautiful. She is never universal, for every single one of them is unique.

Her grace is her best accessory. Her character sets her apart. Her gentleness can transform an enraging event into at least a tolerable one.

Woman adds glamour to this mundane life in the way she dress and carry that high heels shoes, the way she prepares the food, even in the way she does the household chores. She can put things back to perspective because she is focused.

A matured woman never finds happiness from people because she understands that happiness is not a goal it is an outcome of a well-lived life.

Yes she makes bad decisions but she never dwells on it for long, she knows how to pick up herself and carry on in life. Her heart recovers at a phase but she is patient with herself, because she knew that when she gets there she is never the same. She will be upgraded to version 2.0.

She is not afraid to show emotions because she is authentic. She can be very emotional only because she has so much love in her heart, it overflows.

She is determined to fight for her rights but she also knew when its time to surrender. Not because she accepted defeat but because she understands that winning the argument is not as important as winning the person.

They say that for every man's success is a woman behind him who relentlessly supports and encourage her man. A woman who doesn't takes the spotlight off her man because she recognizes him.

Life has immensely blessed me with such women who showed me that there's so much more to this life. Women who took the leap of faith with me, who believed in me. Women who didn't just taught me how to love they made me feel one. Women who inspired me to ask less and give more.

To my one and only Nanay, Grandmoms, Aunties, Girl Cousins, Mentors, Sisters in blood and in Christ, Discipleship Group, Girl friends and Teachers. Hats off to you all gals! This One Word Project post is for you :)  


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