One Word Project

I have great appreciation for words, spoken and written.

Personally, I couldn't imagine life without it. Words are the vessel of each nation's history and language. Words make great alliance to our education system. Words play a vital role in communication, may it be formal or informal which we're all part of, adding value to it.

We should never under estimate the power of words in our daily life.

But unfortunately, words' prevalent presence in our mundane system taught us to be indifferent on its vast potential. We overuse it. We exercise it without restriction. We neglect it.      

To rekindle the passion for words, I intentionally started this One Word Project to make a list of some of the most impressive English words that fascinates me. Words like
that breathes their own meaning. These essential words are like stars scattered in the universe created for a purpose to give light and remind us that there is more than that meets the eye. A project with the pursuit of immersing myself into these words until I get across the other side of the seashore. Please bear with me if I may not be able to eloquently pull my thoughts into words, but merely trying is good enough for me.


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