Dear Blank, Please Blank (Part 2)

Compiling all my Dear Blank, Please Blank entries/status for the past three months and came up with a sequel to my February post for Dear Blank, Please Blank.

I couldn't be happier that I took this leap of creative cruise. This project pushed me to utilize the right side of my brain and rise with creative ways of communicating my thoughts.    


Dear parents who have been married for 34 years and counting,
Thank you for showing me that marriage can last. 
Sincerely, One proud daughter who still believes in true love. 

Dear Runkeeper,
Telling me that I only burned 347 calories in my 44min run is not acceptable. 
Sincerely, McDo large fries is 500 calories already. Compute again!

Dear Yoga Instructor,
I know it looks easy when you do it.
Sincerely, I still think its impossible

Dear Peso,
You go up just like taking the stairs.
Sincerely, I won't mind if you'll take the lift

Dear Women of the world,
You are upset when I came. You freak out if I don't.
Sincerely, Where do I fit in? Period.

Dear creative juices,
Where have you been lately?
Sincerely, Frustrated writer

Dear CBTL Journal, 
Thanks for reminding me that after the stress of a long days work, its important to rest and reconnect, for in the end its really about people and relationships. 
Sincerely, Excited for July

Dear Facebook,
Why do you keep asking me what's on my mind, how do I feel and my location?
Sincerely, Starting to think you're a stalker

Dear Max Lucado,
You have no idea how your quote comforted me today.
"... Sometimes we accomplish more by doing less."
Sincerely, Employee who felt unproductive

Dear random commuter, 
Who compliments, "Nice top, a green flats could have been a better match"
Sincerely, I'm not your barbie doll
  • Dear gloomy weather,
    I am victim of your deliberate conspiracy.
    Sincerely, Late employee who struggled with my bed.

    Dear allergies, 
    You may have taken Saturday away from me. But today is another day.
    Sincerely, Better than yesterday 


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