Faith that Triumphs Over Trials

I am fond of scribbling notes, highlighting phrases, and sticking post-its all over my books as if there's a reward for it :) Not to mention the different spectrum of colors your eyes can marvel on post-its, highlighters and pens, very comforting! #simplejoys

As I'm browsing through my notes one-bum-Saturday-at-my-room, I was drawn to this piece of write-up few months back while reading "Growing Deep in Faith" book by Edmund Chan which I figured worth the cyberspace sharing.


Pain is inevitable but misery is optional.

In 2 Corinthians 1:6-11, Apostle Paul shares about his sufferings and afflictions. Discover five keys of turning our trials into triumphs:

          1. What we must face
What we must face is the reality that bad times do come. But what happens to you is not nearly as important as how you perceive what happens to you. And how you perceive what happens to you is not nearly as important as how you respond to what happens to you.
          2. What we must know
What we must know is that there is comfort with God. Every trial that finds its way into our life comes with God's intentional purpose.
"Son, God loves you more than He loves your peaches. For God understands that while peaches can grow without frost, men cannot grow without trials. God is not in the business of growing peaches. He is in the business of growing Christians."
          3. What we must want
What we must want is the will of God! Not just to pursue His will (to know it) but to prefer His will (to do it!)
          4. What we must do
What we must do: We must not trust in ourselves, but in God who raises the dead. That trust is expressed in faith and worship.
          5. What we must hold fast to
What we must hold fast to is the faithfulness of God. To do this, it would help us greatly to keep a journal of God's faithfulness in our lives. It is wise to record two things: God's track of record and God's promises.

Trials are not stumbling blocks - but stepping stones of faith!


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