Love. One syllable and four-letter word that is worth more than the longest word in English dictionary("Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis") according to Wikipedia.
Love. Is the language any man can speak regardless of race and educational achievement.  
Love. Braves the future, for better or for worse.
Love. Is the subject we don't learn in the classroom but we understand anyways because it is not taught through the mind, it is caught by the heart.
Love. Defies life itself, till death do us part.
Love. Is the ability to speak without saying a word.
Love. Takes many forms of different shapes and colours.

We love even if the love we give will never return to us the way we expect it to be.
We love even if it yields to sleepless nights of cradling him in your arms, preparing milk and changing his diapers.
We love even if friends disapproved of this person.
We love even if this cute little angel will disrespect his parent when he hit his adolescence.
We love even if our differences are obvious.
We love even if it means letting go of your dreams.
We love even if the person is unlovable.
We love even if the law convicts this family member as a delinquent.
We love even if it means coming out of your comfort zones. 
We love even if it requires taking out all your savings so you can send your child to a decent university.
We love even if we disagree on some things.
We love even if we don't understand why we love.
We love even if the possibility of rejection is just around the corner.
We love even if we are on different sides of the globe.
We love even if it means making yourself vulnerable to heartache and disappointments.

We love in spite of even ifs but we love anyways. 
We love anyways.


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