Shoe-per Woman!

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Give women the right shoes and they will run the world! Hyperbole, yes! Since I couldn't find the best way to express how shoes creates a different spark to a woman's perspective and attitude. If you don't agree with me, consider this rhetorical under one-of-the-things-only-woman-would-understand metaphor.

I've always admired women who can wear high heel shoes on a casual day. Whoops admire is an understatement, I envy them.

I commend them on how they manage to place the entire body weight through that two pointed heels and appear like a feather gliding in the air. I fancy their confidence as they walk through the street just like a professional ramp model with a 'Move over! This is my runway!' attitude. I regard their courage to flaunt it all with grace and elegance.

More than how the world sees that wearing high heels makes a woman looks more attractive, at least that's what research says. Wearing high heels impacts how a woman perceives herself and how she will behave. Imagine how this lifeless pair of footwear transforms the mood of a woman, as if giving her an  'I am in control' aura, thus attracting positive vibes around her. Simply impressive huh?

But I must confess, more than fashion, I am a woman of comfort. Which is a major factor why most of my footwear are flats, flip flops and sandals. Of course I can wear high heels in special occasions within a limited number of hours for specific heel height limit. Women are born to wear high heels at least once in their lifetime I believe. There are just few talented ones who live it up daily.  

I know, I'm missing out the glamour of wearing high heels, but at the end of the day I owe it to my precious feet who's working for me 12++ hours a day. More than me looking more feminine, these feet deserve to be happy and comfortable.

So whether its high heels or flats, as long as it brings out the individuality of the woman wearing it, I would say celebrate it. Remember shoes is just the vessel, you are the package!


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