Serve and Share

We have our own personal favourite day in a week, for me Sundays has always been the highlight of my weekly routines. I got to attend Sunday worship service in our church, lunch out with small group of beautiful single ladies, catch up and study Bible with them, attend an afternoon yoga class and do errands.

Sunday lunch out with discipleship group(Dgroup)
Last Sunday was extra special. I had the opportunity to volunteer in the ushering ministry of CCF, where we get to welcome people attending the worship service and distribute Chronicles, a Sunday written post given away to inform members and guests of the previous Sunday service preaching including all the church activities.

Though I needed to wake up an hour earlier than I usually do in the morning, which is already a struggle for me since I never consider myself a morning person, never was and never will, (pardon me for my another attempt to exaggerate) I didn't expected how amazing God has in store for me that day. I reached church at 9.20 am, had short briefing with our tasks and directly went to our respective posts. Then a middle-aged man came along which later I knew by the name of Mark. At first glance I could tell that he is obviously an American by his skin color and the way he looks. But as he approached us, he spoke in Filipino which is our native language. I was surprised that he can fluently converse with our native tongue. Not only did he encouraged and introduced us to his daughter, he also gave us bracelets which he bought when he visited Boracay, a renowned beach destination in our country and one of the reason why tourism is more fun in the Philippines. But this bracelets is no ordinary one, it has specific colors on it - yellow, black, red, white and green arranged in that particular order because there is a story behind each color. More than any fiction or non-fiction accounts, this is a story that we should share to all mankind - the Gospel story.

Gospel bracelet
Yellow - stands for Heaven, as our Lord desires each one of us to be with Him in heaven.
Black - But God is a Holy God and our Sin hinders us from that promise.
Red - But because God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son to die for our sins and shed His Blood to atone us from all our unrighteousness.
White - All we need to do is accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour then we will be Cleanse not by our might but only by His grace.
Green - And it doesn't stops there, we need to Grow like trees watered, by reading the bible, attending Sunday service, being involve in ministry and small group.
It was such a humbling experience, meeting someone who has a big heart in sharing the gospel through his own creative ways. You have no idea how much you encouraged me that day. Thank you for sharing this story with me, for your courage to approached strangers just so you can share the Gospel. Thank you for reminding me that as followers of Christ, God has appointed each one of us to go and spread the gospel not only to our family, friends and colleagues but also to strangers we met. You have a big heart and I really felt that.   

More than I thought of me blessing people that day by welcoming and greeting them 'Good Morning,' I found myself extremely blessed through serving God in His work.  


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