Qualities of a Good Leader

While there are a lot of articles written to describe the qualities of a good leader like commitment, integrity, vision, good communication etc. Below are my take on the characteristics of a good leader.

1. Doesn't play the blame game. Responsible enough to investigate on the issue first before pointing fingers at, anyways if the damage is done, blaming people will not solve the issue anymore.

2. Encourages subordinates.

3. Have high appreciation to what their people bring in the table.

4. Does not set high expectations that even themselves are struggling to meet.

5. Have the courage to accept mistakes, humble enough to apologize if necessary.

6. Does not set the walls of position between his people. Your title doesn't matter to him and his to yours, he looks at all of you including himself as one team with a unified goal.

7. Empowers people to reach their full potential of contributing to the team.

8. Does not hoard information, shares knowledge.

9. Transparent

10. Does not steal the spotlight. He already had enough of it.


Erlyn said…
Hope I can be like the type of leader that you have mentioned, Girlaloo. With God's guidance maybe I can :-D
GiRLie said…
Hi Erlyn,

Thanks for dropping by. Let us know too what's the qualities that you're looking for a good leader :)


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