Making Other People Look Bad Does Not Make You Look Good

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It's mind blowing to actually witness and deal with people who are good in finding faults from others as if they're created for that purpose.

Just when I thought that they only exists in Philippine noon time drama series as the evil mother or the wicked sister, unfortunately they are real. There are people not only in the family, in school or in the workplace who are exceptional when it comes to making people around them look bad as if that would make them look good. 

Whenever you try to bring up yourself at the expense of others, below are the five noises that echoes back to your character:

1. Insecure
Making other people look bad is a sign of incompetence and insecurity. If you knew what you are capable of, you don't need to stoop down on others just to prove you are better than anybody else.

2. Not objective
Have an objective goal. Focus on how you would resolve the issue, not on the person causing it. It's okay to understand the cause just so you would be able to make a recovery plan and preventive measures, but not to highlight others fault.

3. Immature
A mature person does not take advantage of others. He builds good rapport with others and for me this is his advantage.

4. Stressful
Eventually it will drain you, because you will never stop comparing yourself to others, when you should be utilizing your time and effort in improving yourself and building up relationships.

5. Set apart
When I say "set apart" I meant it in an unfavorable way. When others witness how you criticize and demean others, you loose your credibility. Productive people avoids ineffective ones.

In the long run, you would need to work harder to regain the trust and respect of people towards you. Pointing fingers just to save your ass in that pressing issue is not worth your relationship with others. Remember these are the same people you will be working with after.

Empower others instead of allowing your power to demean them, when ultimately you are in the loosing end.


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I like the title and point of the text.

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