Five Reasons Why You Should Date a Woman with Eyeglasses

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While wearing eyeglasses for others are mainly for fashion and trend, there are women who choose to wear spectacles over contact lenses not only because its necessary for their sight but also they consider it as part of their personality.

These women don't look at their eyeglasses as a face accessory but a portion of their whole identity. Here's five reasons why man should consider dating a woman wearing an eyeglasses.

1. She is not insecure.
She is not intimated by other girls wearing their eyelash extensions and make up on, she is comfortable with the way she looks. She knows her personality and lives with it.

2. She's not only smart-looking, she is smart.
You have an array of ideas you can discuss with her. You'll never run out of topics you can converse with her because she is a voracious reader.

3. She sees better and appreciates more.
She appreciates every feature in your face and every line in your smile, because she knows exactly how it felt to be deprived of details when seeing things in blurry vision.

4. She is a hidden gem.
You might be surprised once she removes her glasses, revealing her sparkling eyes hiding behind those pairs. In the same way, you might not recognize her on a party wearing make-up without her specs in her long gown.

5. She is cautious.
She knows how to take care of her spectacles and generally most of her belongings. Her actions are deliberate considering she's wearing a fragile frame, and she has learned to apply the same caution in the way she makes decision, how she treats other people and how she lived.


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