Write On!

Listening to Sarah Kay, an exceptional vibrant poet, is a breath of fresh air to me. Her performances brought me back to my teenage years when life is more simpler (oops that's double comparative and I can exaggerate on that) when my only responsibility is to do well in school, finish household chores, go to church on Sundays and write poems.

Yes! I find comfort every time I jumble words to rhyme, get a feel of affinity in the way I grip my pen and how it touches the surface of a blank paper to form letters and words. There's a seed of satisfaction growing through me once I finished writing, even though I know it's a masterpiece made known only for me and my notebook.

During these years, I scribble about almost anything - weather, tree, life, God, my family, boyfriend. Haha I can't believe I said that. I miss the times when my mind just wander around just like a bird who never gets tired of spreading his wings to fly, effortlessly navigates the sky and was never afraid as to where the wind may lead him by.

Sarah didn't just revive my love to poetry, she reminded me of my one true love. And though I never seriously taught about this, if there's one job I'd be willing to do for a lifetime and money is not an object... I see me writing :) in my room, under the tree, at the beach, in front of a computer, on a mountain hill, beside him. How cool is that huh?! :)


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