Ten Things I Know To Be True

Yet another post to archive in my "Sarah Kay" madness portfolio. Here's my version of  "Ten Things I Know to be True"

1. It will rain when it have to, when it should be.

Few days ago, I had one of my fiercest battle with the heavy burst of rain, just in time when I step out of the shuttle going home. The sudden downpour not to mention the forceful wind blast, screw me dashing in the ankle-high flood with my crippled umbrella. I realized rain as dominant as it is, will pour whenever, wherever it wants, whether we have umbrella or not, whether we're wearing our new polished shoes or just slippers, whether we feel gloomy or happy, whether we like it or not. That instead of grumbling it's more comforting to just accept that it rains because someone, something, somewhere needs it more than our inconvenience.

2. An infrastructure's height is proportional to its foundation

I don't need to be an engineer to know that foundation is relative to an architecture's altitude. Similar to any other relationship - friends, boyfriend-girlfriend, marriage, family - the ones who build their relationship with strong fundamentals of trust, respect, forgiveness and genuine love have bigger chances of soaring high to experience and enjoy their loved ones to the fullest.

3. Google is your friend

With all the information, technologies and news right beyond one click of "Go" and "Search" in the internet, who would argue that Google is indeed the best friend of today and the future. I like Google search user-interface's simplicity - white background, Google logo, input textbox and search button. Simplicity at its finest. But behind this plain page lies a limitless magnitude of facts. The best part is many of us could enjoy this application for free, students, teachers and professors, accountants, programmers, doctors, basically all people who knows how to use computers.

4. Great people leave

Christopher Columbus, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, Dora (hehe Dora talaga). All these great people leave and go places to explore land, discover culture, meet new people and learn more about life. Who knows that great person could be you, one day. You will leave home, friends and family to pursue greater ambitions. Yes it will be hard at first, but in the other side of the spectrum lies the possibility of knowing yourself better and making your dream come true.

5. Family is never our preference, never was, never will.

We never get to choose to whom we will be born, our siblings, our lineage, even parents are not given super power to pick out their little rascals. Family is not a bet we can settle on, do mini-mini-mini-moo, under probationary period or trial and error. It is an intrinsic design for every person, a personal gift to you and me, hence making it more exciting, challenging and more authentic. Why? Because we are stretched to accept the people placed in our lives beyond our capacity to love, understand and forgive. In this sense I must commend parents, especially the moms on how they unconditionally embrace the whole being of their child in holistic way.

6. Proper sleep is beneficial

As we all love to sleep, I consider this as one of my "ME" time remedy, my "Elixir of Life" a practical and handy tip to deal with stress and restore balance of life. I must confess, I am a sleep addict / sleep bug. I normally enjoy 8-10 hours of sleep on regular work days and felt good about it. Please don't ask me about sleeptime on weekends, I have record of sleeping for 14 hours during one of my weekends at home, mind that I am healthy with no sickness at that time. Unfortunately, while studies after studies have been carried out to demonstrate that proper sleep promotes physical health, longevity and well-being of a person, there are still people who deprive themselves from a good night sleep and its benefits.

7. Ladies are practical artists

Make-up artists to be exact. Their talent is impressive perhaps because they practice it almost anywhere, anytime - when they wake-up in the morning, after taking a bath, before and after a sumptuous dinner, while seating in the bus or public utility vehicles(puvs), standing inside MRT can you believe that? For the record, I'm not trying to sound pro-vanity here in fact I am not a makeup buff, I am content with putting on face moisturizer and plain lip balm on a daily routine. But I never hide my admiration to girls who use cosmetics for their advantage. Clever!

8. Cinderella married a prince to become a princess

While Cinderella needed to marry a prince to become a princess, I learned in the book "Captivating" by John & Staci Eldredge that each girl, lady or woman, every single one of us is God's princesses :) That our Heavenly Father who is the King of kings value us for we are royalties in His eyes. Isn't that amazing?! Just as earthly father who wants to provide and protect his daughters, our Father is more than willing to bless us, all we need to do is accept Him in our hearts and abide in Him.

9. Leadership is not about position

Leadership is more than power but more of responsibility. As Winston Churchill once said,

"The price of greatness is responsibility."

For me a good leader doesn't just deliver but inspires his people to reach their best potentials. The good news is anyone could be a leader in his own right. You could inspire your friends, classmate, colleagues and family.

"Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it." --Dwight D. Eisenhower

10. We are created by Someone greater

If a person tells me that a priceless, elegant watch was created after one big blast and boom! We now have a Rolex watch! That was insane! No doubt! My logical brain rationalizes how in the world is a complex watch be formed by one sublime explosion, with all its wheels, bridge and screws? Impossible! There must be someone who created the watch. Ergo for human beings and the universe. For our bodies are more intricate than any creation in this world not to mention the ineffable universe that never fails to amaze me.


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