"Sarah Kay" syndrome made me recover this old poem  I made few years ago from my file chest... One of my treasures from the past.

* * * * * *

I could be the moon,
     if you will be my sun.
Separated by space,
     but the universe conspires us to be one.
I may not be seen in the day,
     but in the darkness you will find.

You may not catch me all the time,
     but in the sky I'll stay to guide.
My body may change every season,
     but my heart and soul remains the same.

Though I know our paths will never meet,
     I will patiently wait for that blissful fleet.
A rare phenomenon when people are drawn,
     to gaze and calm with a shoulder to lean on.
I will savor the moment when our trails will cross
     united by your light, spectacular in all its form.

--Author: Girlie Mangalo


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