Love is Like

Inspired by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye's "When Love Arrives" spoken poetry this is my first attempt to write an online post about LOVE. I don't know why I'm doing this, but maybe, just maybe I don't want to forget how love looks like, its expectations and realities.

* * * * * *

Love is like a blank canvass. Enticing vast possibility of the artist's greatness that will not be realize until the painter makes the first stroke. First glance, first smile, first attempt to say "Hi."

Love is like a traffic light. There's a time to go, pursue, chase your love story and fight for what your heart have to say; a time to stop, to whisper the words "goodbye," to walk away as silent tears form diamonds in your eye; and a time to wait, to rest in the assurance that one day he will come to sweep you off your feet and tell him "you are worth the wait."

Love is like an eye wear. It helps you see life clearer and appreciate its colors. Few lucky ones, already find their pair of eyeglasses with accurate lens prescription that fits them perfectly. Others endure the wrong glasses. Some are still looking around to find theirs. While others doesn't need one.

Love is like a piece of heaven here on earth but remember that it can also drag you to hell.

Love makes you eat vegetables your tongue didn't dare.
Makes you wear skirt and high heels your feet cannot bear.
Love makes you brush your teeth three times a day.
Makes you spray that perfume scent in case you bump him at the cafe.

--Author: Girlie Mangalo


Kriselle said…
Ate Gerls! Wow! You made your own poem na! Ingget ako! Di pa ko nakakagawa ng poem, Sarah Kay style. Haha. But I will, one day. :)

Btw, your poem is gooooooood! I love it! :P
Joan Merelos said…
Love is simple and pure but life complicates it.

Love makes you read his text over and over again and still feels like reading it the first time.

Love makes you daydream, of you growing old with him.

Love makes you stare on his picture for hours and still feels like you have not stared enough.

Love makes you speechless, afraid to say something he won't like.

Love is when his 'good morning' makes you smile and his 'good night' takes you to a sweet dream.

Love makes you feel tense.

Love makes you willing to wait for hours just to have a glance of him.

Love is when he smiles it makes your mind goes blank.

Love makes you appreciate the tattoo on the back of his ear, little mole on his lips, shape of his fingernails, and all those little things about him.

Love is like a water, it cleanses not only your body but also your soul; it's like a fire that gives you warmth when your heart is too frozen to understand; like the wind, willing to go with you as far as you want to go. But like water that can take the form of a jar, love can make you turn into someone you don't know; like fire, love can hurt you; and like the wind love leaves and never return.
GiRLie said…
@Kriselle! Thanks for the inspiration! I saw the vid first in your blog :)

@Joan friend! I love your version of Love is like a water, fire and wind! ;)) You have the spark of a writer yey!

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