Earth Day, EveryDay at Exist!

I've always liked the shades of GREEN. Okay I love green. Not only because in software automation testing it is the color for a passing test script. Yey! Green also mirror a restful color (for me). Green symbolizes growth and new life. Finally green radiates the energy of Mother Nature (so calming).

Recently our company just launched Exist Green IT initiative entitled, "Do You Have a Green Mind?" with the following objectives:

- To make Exist a greener place of work by putting value on caring for Mother Nature
- To optimize our operational costs relative to power, water, bandwidth, paper and supplies
- To create our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by starting a movement of responsible consumers from within our Team

In line with this campaign, they've organize a group of people called Eco-Friends that would meet together to plan for activities to make this in motion. 


Every campaign's success begins with awareness. Knowing where we are, what we want to achieve and what steps we need to do. So is true with Green IT. We need to be aware with the life cycle of things we use around us. Here's a visual way of understanding this:

Being conscious on what happens when we throw away our garbage - straw, cigarette butt, lunch styrofoam, plastics spoon and fork - gives us a second thought of whether we should cast it in the trash bag or find a way to make it more useful.

Enough for the awareness drive it's time to make Green Action! I've listed here initially 7 tips where you [I] can personally do our share in our own little way at the office:

1. Bring your own mug and utensils (spoon and fork)
Save one paper cup a day. Save one pair of plastic spoon and fork each meal. Simple yet one lasting legacy. 

2. Say "No" to plastics
Whenever I buy something from the bookstore, grocery especially one or two small items, I ask the bagger not to put it in plastic anymore, I just place it inside my bag.

3. Turn off computer, laptop, printer before leaving the office
And please don't forget to unplug the machine and the chargers as well. 

4. Walk more
Walking alone gives you 3 benefits already. Good for your health. Save money. Reduce air pollution from riding vehicles.

5. Make it a habit to carry along your Exist eco-friendly bag
Bring your Exist bag with you when planning to go shopping or do grocery errands. It's not only handy and economical. I also find its black color chic.

6. Proper garbage segregation
Segregating biodegradables and non-biodegradable could be a tough task if done in the dump sites with tons and tons of garbage. But if it starts at the tip of our fingers, the moment we throw that one single litter in the right bin. Life could be easier. I believe.

7. Spread the word!
Share information through sessions, blogs and social media sites to raise awareness and encourage your friends and colleagues how they could be part of the program.

More than awareness and providing lists of do's and don't, caring for Mother Earth is a lifestyle not just in the office, but also - at home, at the streets, at the mall and basically wherever we are. 

We would be glad to hear your thoughts on this.

Together. Let us all think, live and breath Green!


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