Sri Lanka: Spice Garden

On our way to Kandy which is the last leg of our Sri Lanka trip, we drop by in one of the visited Spice Garden in Matale.

The tour started in the garden by introducing us to some herbal plants and its medicinal benefits. We get to touch and smell pepper, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla, cacao, cardamom, pineapple, cinnamon and others.  Few of the plants I must admit is the first time I am seeing them up close and personal.

Drinking tea during the tour
After the tour we went to a room to check all the spices and ayurvedic herbal medicinal products they produce. To name a few they have herbal balm, green oil, cough syrup, wild bee honey mixture, herbal tooth powder, cosmetics, citronella, cinnamon oil, herbal wine, hair removing cream, variety of essential oils, king coconut oil, cocoa, different kinds of spices and the like.

What appeals to me is their cosmetic kit, which I was able to try personally during the product demo.

Cosmetic Combination

1. Aloe vera cream
Daily use of aloevera cream replenishes skin health and restores natural moisture balance. Helps against wrinkle and sun burns.

2. Sandalwood cream
Can be used as a vanishing cream. Use after shaving cream. Cures pimples acne.

3. Aloe vera cream and Sandalwood oil
Mix together a little quantity of aloevera cream and few drops of sandalwood oil to apply on the face and neck. Massage upwards for 1-2 minutes daily for best results against dry skin and wrinkles. Suits every skin type and solves multiple anti-aging problems. Also useful remedy against cellulites and stretch marks.

At the end of the tour you are offered to buy from their store. They can be a little pushy, but it's your own discretion, you may or may not buy from them.

If you are interested you can visit them in this address:

Ranweli Spice Garden
Kawdupelella, Matale, Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 22 47339
Fax: +94 66 2247558


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