Australia: Old Petrie Town

Visitors are welcome to experience this restored historic village located at Dayboro Road, Whiteside Queensland Australia and have a glimpse of pre-1930s life, complete with an array of novelty shops including pottery barn, country-style market and an old fashioned lolly shop.

Walking through the shops and streets is like going through a time machine and next thing you know you are in this quaint ancient little town packed with community infrastructures mostly wooden buildings. 


Check out their steam museum, fire museum and a complete operational foundry and blacksmith. You can also find The Old Schoolhouse, Piggott's Store, Todd's Cottage, two Heritage chapel plus a vintage Petrie train station.

The place is perfect for trade fair, weddings, marketplace, events and even a stop-over destination. Not to mention it is a superb place to do photoshoots.

Definitely one "Auntie's day out" in the bag.


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