The Parable of the Talents

This story accounted in Matthew 25:14-30 in among the 46 parables told by Jesus in the New Testament. A teaching about the three servants who were given talents by their master according to their abilities. After returning from a long journey, the master found that the first two servants were able to gain five and two more talents respectively from what was given to them, and the master was pleased and rewarded them. While the third servant hid his talent because of his fear to his master, so the master was resentful and took the only talent he got and gave it to the first servant with 10 talents.

The parable of the talents presents four elements significant to our Christian walk:


To summarize the four elements and how they come together:
Resources(Talents) + Work + Time = Profit(Spiritual)

Spiritual profit is something we acquire that is relevant to the work of God. An outcome that useful for God's glory like evangelism or sharing the gospel to others, spiritual growth as a believer, living a Godly life, or simply loving others and reaching out to them to give glory to God.

The truth is for every resources that we have, every talent, ability that He gave us, God expects a profit. He expects a profit according to what He has given, for us that is parallel to stewardship. He makes us accountable for what we have done with what He has entrusted us. Not only does He expects a profit, God rejoices in it. He is pleased on the achievement of the first two servants who were able to gain more talents and He celebrates with them. Finally God expects a profit and He gives reward. At the end of it all, He raises those who work their heart out to honor Him and rewards them, at the same time punishes those who took their resources for granted.


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