Five Things I Learned in UAE

Being able to explore the two most famous emirates of UAE - Dubai and Abu Dhabi in an exciting two-day adventure, these fascinating cities has made so much impression to me.

1. Architects here are bored
Dubai and Abu Dhabi is not a place for the traditional rectangular skyscrapers but they boast for modern architectural wonders. To name a few contemporary building that we saw - Burj Khalifa, world's tallest structure; Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in the world; Etihad Towers, sophisticated complex with five towers; Aldar Headquarters, world's first circular skyscraper. UAE were gifted with brilliant engineers and architect who don't just settle for good enough but aims for perfection and challenges the norm. 

2. Parking space is gold
Because of the transient workforce, buying second-hand vehicles in Dubai is widely prevalent. Cheaper prices of car in UAE compared to US plus the benefit of being in an oil-rich country also encourage expats to buy new or second-hand cars. Given these factor and the growing population in this travel connection hub, commuters in Dubai experience high traffic congestion and if you are lucky to have your own car, the probability of winning the raffle could be higher than finding a parking spot.

3. Summer in Dubai is first-class 😎
Dubai having a tropical desert climate has only two kinds of weather - the hot summer and the super hot summer. Hot season starts in May averaging to 31 degree Celsius all the way to September with 36 degree Celsius average. In one of our city stroll mid of May around 12pm, the temperature displayed in the car dashboard is a steaming 46 degree Celsius. Whew!

4. Less can be made more
If countries during early centuries expand their territory by conquering other countries, modern land possession is dominated by UAE in the 21st century. Countless reclamation project has remarkably changed the geography of the seven emirates of UAE. Dubai being most famous of reclaiming land projects like Palm Islands, Dubai Marina and Burj Al Arab has wowed the world in these land innovation.

5. It's always seem impossible until it is done - Nelson Mandala
Dubai is literally a desert turned into an oasis. A rich, state-of-the-art city in the middle of dry land. Hats off to the leaders of this country for utilizing the little that they have and developing it to its fullest potential.


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