Dubai: Desert Safari

You haven't been to Dubai if you haven't gone to a desert safari adventure. So on our 2nd day in Dubai we book a Sundowner Dune Dinner Safari tour from Arabian Adventures for 375aed or 140sgd, yeah its a bit pricey compared to other tours but we opt for a better experience and less crowded campsites since we are an all girl group. 

We were not disappointed with the Arabian Adventure, our package includes a pickup and drop off via land cruiser with our friendly guide Kaldi from Pakistan a cautious driver in the highway but transforms into a daredevil driver(in a good way) in the desert showing off his sweeping driving stunts (hey we finished the tour in one piece :D ) 

Romeo the falcon
Tour begins with a falcon show in an oasis in the middle of the desert, followed by a joyride in 4x4 vehicles in a convoy over the sand dunes of Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Of course there were stop over for some photo ops, sunset viewing and playing in the sands.

After the highway to hell driving feat we were treated with an authentic Middle Eastern buffet dinner with starters, main course, desserts in a private plus free flowing soft drinks, wine, coffee and tea inside a traditional Bedouin campsite. 

Al Sahara campsite entrance

Well in the middle of nowhere

This is how toilets look like in the desert.

Shisha place

Buffet table
Dining area 
Early birds or just hungry?

Let there be light.

How about some starters?

While waiting for the food to be serve, we get to try their strong arabic coffee and preserve dates, ride and photo ops with the camel and get a henna tattoo. Guests have option to use shisha which are also available in the Al Sahara campsite.

Lean back guys!

Henna Banana
To cap the night we are treated with a five minute lights out star gazing activity and a belly dancing show.

Campsite at night

I envy those abs.


Very clearly define about the desert safari and Dune Buddy... Nice blog!
Very clearly define about the desert safari and Dune Buddy... Nice blog!
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