Amazing Abu Dhabi

Home to cutting-edge skyline architectures, we found our way to the capital of the United Arab Emirates on our second day in Dubai. Though it took us one and a half hour drive to reach this impressive city of Abu Dhabi, it was all worth it. Thanks to my brother for driving us all the way through and for having an instant tour guide.

We started our trip in the grandiose mosque of Sheik Zhayed, the largest in UAE and by far the most extravagant place of worship for Muslim I have ever been to. The flamboyant building features white marble domes, crystal chandeliers and Persian inspired architecture.

Prior to entering the mosque, as a sign of respect to other worshipers and the place we were required to wear black abaya, a simple robe-like garment usually worn by women in Arab countries. This made the experience more legit :) (Is it only me, but for a moment I felt this is gonna be more like a Harry Potter adventure)

Grace, me and Michelle in abaya
Outside view of Grand mosque
As we drove around finding our way to entrance, we can't wait to be inside the building and be more amazed by the beauty of the place and we were not disappointed. Let the photos speak for myself.

Later we visited Yas Island where we get to try local KFC chicken rice and pass by at Ferrari World.

Just because we need to try this humongous KFC chicken rice of UAE


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