Dear Tatay

Some dads were friendly. Not like my Tatay. When I was a kid I used to think that you are an unapproachable man as I rarely see you smile. I realized you are so busy working hard for the family that you have given all your day's energy providing for us.

Some dads were cheerful. Not like my Tatay. During teenage years I find you very strict and hard to please. Then I realize you want me to pursue excellence in all forms. You have prepared me by raising the bar of expectation one notch higher so I will work harder.

Some dads were loose. Not like my Tatay. When I was in high school, I find you restrictive and kill joy. I realize your tough love is your way of protecting me from making bad choices that I might regret in the future. Now I get it, your rules and judgments are not meant to confine me but to safeguard me so I could enjoy better life.

Some dads were attached. Not like my Tatay. During college days, I find you less engage and even thought you don't care. I realize you wanted me to be independent and this is your way of preparing me to stand on my own and make decisions in life.

Some dads were indeed not like my Tatay, because mine is unique and extraordinary. In fact he's one and only, exclusively made for us. He may disguises himself as a tough, unyielding man in the outside but we already found out about his weakness -- US his family.

One blog post is not enough to describe you as our father but if I am to sum it up in one sentence:
A man of few words but a man of great love in action.

Growing up, we may not have the best things in life just like other kids, but what you provided us is more than the finest of this world. You equip us with the essentials of having a complete, loving and contented family. And the greatest thing that you taught and modeled to us which I am still witnessing up until now, is how you treat and love Nanay the best way you can. Staying together for more than 35 years and counting is the sweetest gesture and most valuable lesson we learn from you.

We love you more than anything in this universe.
We thanked our Heavenly Father for blessing us with the most selfless earthly father in the whole wide world.
We can never thank you enough.


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