12 Things I Learned from Badminton Tournament

1. Showing up is already winning half of the battle.

2. Stretch before the game. You'll thank yourself after.

3. Communicate with your partner. You are not a one man team unless you're playing singles match. 

4. You can only do your best. Even if you lose, if you know you've given your best you're still a winner.

5. It's okay to lose as long as you lose to someone way better than you. If you are playing with the finest opponents, take heart and make it a challenge to enhance your badminton skills. 
Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.

6. Enjoy the game. This is the best strategy you and your partner can employ together.

7. Finish well. Even if you are in the losing side and the scores are way too far to catch up, play until the last tick of shot clock. (Ooopps why am I talking basketball here..)

8. Stop comparing yourself with other players. Your greatest opponent is yourself. 

9. Practice does not make you perfect. Practice makes permanent. So practice by unlearning your old tricks that does not work and learn new techniques that will make you a better athlete. Know your weak points, work it out for improvement.

10. Always thank the umpire and the line judge at the end of the game. 

11. Winning is not everything, the same thing with losing.

12. You may lose in the game but you can win friends, or win both! Tournaments are good avenue to bridge the line between being colleagues to being friends. Grow your network and build good relationships with others.

You are not unbreakable. 
And it's totally fine to feel broken sometimes, as long as you make a decision not to remain to be one. So even if you lose, just hold your racket and keep smashing.


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