Status Quo

Are you in a relationship because you love him? Or you're just afraid to be alone. Or maybe, just maybe, you are too insecure and having someone beside you somehow boosts your alter ego, knowing that you are wanted. Or could it be, considering it's what the world expects you to be in this particular chapter of your life. Or perhaps you're still unsure of what you want and you figured it's safer to be in a relationship now than have nothing at all.

At any rate, your relationship status does not define who you are.

Status is a phase of life. Enjoy it while you can. Endure it because it's worth it.

Status is like a merchandise label, yes it gives description but it's not the product itself. Your experience with the actual item can be way abstract from its label.

Status is a responsibility to cultivate yourself or cater to the needs of others. More often, it is both.

Status should never be viewed as a restraint to happiness, understanding your status at certain stage of life could be the most liberating idea you could give to yourself, making it an advantage to appreciate time and know yourself better.

Status is not all about your relationships. It could represent the holistic state of your heart, body and soul.

The way you live and connect to people best describes you than your status. If you are married be a loving spouse to your partner. If you have children be the coolest parent you once wish you had when you were a kid. If you have a siblings make the most of your childhood and teenage years together, you'll miss that once you get yourself buried in jobs. If you are an employee, support your boss and help him achieve his goals.

In whatever page you are right now regardless of your relationship status. You can always choose to be happy.Cheers to life!


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