Five Things I Learned from Allergic Rhinitis

Due to the frequent occasions that my allergic rhinitis is bugging me, I am writing this post not as a tribute to AR but as a note to self that even the bad times are good, not the song okay, that would be so 60's.

Seriously, instead of sulking myself when allergies hit me, I know better now why it keeps pestering me, because one day I'll be blogging about it. So far here are my takeways from my pesky allergies.

1. Know your enemy
Understanding your body is the first step. Identify conditions that triggers your seasonal or perennial allergy. Once you've isolated those cases, stay away from your allergens. Prevention is better than cure.

2. Rhinitis can be treated
In case that allergens already got in your way. Do not loose heart, there's a wide range of antihistamines and nasal sprays. Pick one that you are not allergic of.

3. Tomorrow is another day
AR thought me to be hopeful for the coming day when this allergy will surrender through the night and tomorrow my body will recover. AR made me realize that each morning is an opportunity to be grateful.

4. Complete sleep and proper rest is essential
Rest is the antidote of AR. Dozing yourself with proper amount of sleep is the most organic medication you can give to your body. One interesting fact, people don't sneeze when they are asleep because the nerves involve in nerve reflex are also resting. So yeah, your allergies cannot track you down in your sleep. :)

5. Your heart does not stop when you sneeze
I heard other people say that the heart stops when you sneeze. This is just a myth.

Title says 'Five Things..' but since I am the author of this post you cannot stop me from adding one more item. :)

6. You cannot sneeze with eyes open
I could say based on personal experience but if you're skeptical, feel free to try it for yourself the next time you feel a tingling sensation in your nose. Then if you are good enough you might be able to disprove this sixth item as another myth and tell me that this should not count, making the title Five Things I Learned from Allergic Rhinitis, still appropriate.


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