Yolanda's Aftermath

Saturday, November 8, 2013 when super typhoon Yolanda(international name Haiyan) ravages the Philippines particularly Tacloban, Samar and nearby towns in the central Visayas, ransack properties, livelihood but most heartbreakingly took more than three thousands of lives.  

Yolanda's damage at Tacloban City.
Photo courtesy of newsinfo.inquirer.net
It's undeniable Visayas is in state of calamity and the country is mourning. Yes, we may not see the light yet, but every person who are willing to give assistance in any form is the light that will guide us through. Every Filipino, young or old, public figure or civilian, rich or poor, every neighboring country who extends their help and assistance is a building block of hope. 

You can help. I can help. We definitely can! Providing for the basic needs of the Yolanda casualties, is an essential help. An encouragement in action. No help is small. Every single help can make a big difference. A bottle of drinking water can quench the thirst of a tired soul who lost everything he had. A pair of clean clothes can warm a body of a woman who only had herself. A decent meal can give hope to a mother who doesn't think of herself anymore but what to feed her starving kids. All of these contributes to the day when we all pray that we would look back on this adversity but we no longer see the casualties instead we see resolute and unified Filipinos.

Your prayers will always be beneficial not only to the victims but also for you and me who prays and who's faith is strengthened knowing that there's a God in spite of all.
God gives His hardest battles to His toughest soldiers. 
Yes, we are devastated now, but it doesn't mean we'll forever be. The bayanihan spirit of the Filipinos and the grace of God will keep us standing on our feet, with hands ready to reach out for others who needs help. Again, there would be countless unsung heroes, who are ready to sacrifice in helping out their kababayans. Neighboring countries who selflessly donate and gives hope to the Filipino people. 

Pilipinas kaya natin to! We are born to brave the Pacific and no typhoon is strong enough to crush the courageous hearts of the Filipino people. We can definitely get through this! Yesterday with typhoon Ondoy(aka Ketsana), today with strongest typhoon in the world Yolanda and even with the future calamities.   

Don't just donate because its the right thing to do, donate to the right group of people or institution. Here's some of these organizations:  



Bin Smith said…
Tomorrow is another day and life goes on. I'm sure you're right that their spirit is strong. I just hope the money and goods intended for the victims makes it directly to them without any politicians putting some in their pocket. For anyone that ones to donate... http://www.redcross.org.ph/donate
GiRLie said…
Yeah, we all hope the help goes to those who really needs it. Thanks for mentioning this, I've updated my post with other more organizations where we can donate.
Bin Smith said…
Thanks for posting the charity links. Some more uplifting links: http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2013/11/15/finding-strength-after-the-storm/?hpt=ac_mid

And before I forget.. Advance Maligayang Pasko !


GiRLie said…
thank you Bin Smith :) I also wish you a joyful CHRISTmas and a prosperous new year wherever part of the globe you are in. Your video link reminds me of home #itsmorefuninthephilippines especially on holidays :)

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