Growing Deep in Faith (Part2)

Here's a sequel of my Growing Deep in Faith post early this year. Since the inspiring thoughts and light bulb moments I had while reading this book is overwhelming I decided to make another post of the sections I considered highlights of this book.

Enjoy reading!

A Worthwhile Exchange

There are only three things you can do with your life. Squander it. Spend it. Or invest it.
We all exchange our lives for something - career, dreams, family, position or love. Many fail to live well because they have failed to exchange their life for worthwhile things.

Looking Up Together

It was not the city that gave significance to the temple. Rather, it was the temple of God that gave significance to Jerusalem as the city of God.

We seek God not because He is lost or absent, but because He is present and invites us to seek Him. For if God were not present, it would be futile to seek Him.We seek God because He has availed Himself to us.

Faith that Overcomes Worry

From God's point of view there are three basic reasons why people are paralysed by their anxieties:

1. Having your treasures in the wrong place
2. Viewing life from the wrong perspective
We worry because we failed to see God in the circumstances of our lives.
3. Serving the wrong master

We cannot live a life that is problem-free but we can live a life that is worry-free.

Faith and the Discipleship of Joy

We do not need to know many things to have joy, just three basic truths about God:

1. God is supremely God. He is the supremest Supreme; the mightiest Almighty. Our existence is through Him and our identity is in Him.
2. God id supremely Good. His mercy is everlasting and His faithfulness is eternal.
3. God is supremely in control. This is not to say that He is a controlling God. Rather, His grand creation (God is God) and His gracious compassion (God is good) are governed by His glorious character (God is in control, nothing is beyond His sovereign will)


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