Another Blissful Year

I am truly overwhelmed with every blessing God has showered me, every miracle He let me experience, every person He brought into my life, every provision He remembers to give at the right time, every promise He never fail to keep, every single day He allowed me to live and witness His abounding love. Love that I am not worthy of, but still He freely gives.

Another year has passed and I can only vouch for God's great love and protection. Yes, there could be not-my-day season but I also know that the Lord allowed tough times so I could all the more appreciate the good times. Some bad-hair-days or im-not-into-myself moments, but I can also remember how the God of order de-clutter the mess I am in. There could be hit-to-bottom stage in my life where I almost give up but I can also look back on how God graciously restore me. Few inside-a-dark-tunnel-like days but I can also recall how God puts me back into the right perspective. Overall, I can only be grateful for everything He has done to me.

Life. Family. Career. Friends. Health. Relationship. Grateful Heart.

The innumerable greetings, messages, birthday cakes and celebrations are just the icings on top of the cake.

Birthday celebration with QA Team

Birthday celebration with Housemates

Birthday celebration with Dgroup
Thank you Lord! God bless you guys!


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