Elderly Love @All Saints Home

Have you imagined a time when a woman will no longer be insecure with her body, when beauty is no longer defined by flawless skin, black and shiny hair, charming face and a voluptuous figure. When a man no longer tries to seek approval from others by trying to accumulate his achievement, when masculinity is not measured by the sturdy abs and muscles they formed through rigid workout. Well I initially thought that all these are product of my wishful thinking and it's impossible to reach this point someday, but surprisingly I was wrong. This kind of world already exist, not in the future but in our today -- through the lives of the elderly people. You may not have picture my analogy in its ideal form but it doesn't remove the fact that these folks are free from all the petty concerns of life which society and media dictates.

While others are focusing all their strength in the goals they thought would give value to their life, these people cease struggling because they already understood what are the real essentials of life.

This is exactly what we've experience with the uncle and aunties(as how Singapore used to call their old folks) from the All Saints Home in Tampines last Saturday, November 16, 2013, where we had the opportunity to celebrate with the 6 elderly having their birthday this November and almost 60 residents of the home.

I will never forget the genuine smile in their faces when we wheel them down in their wheelchairs so they can join the event. You could sense the excitement in them seeing new faces of volunteers. They never get tired saying 'thank you' and waving their hands even if takes a lot of strength for them to just raise their hands. They were already thrilled with a small talk even if you're just asking for their name. What sets them apart?! Even the simple pleasures in life like meeting a new friend or playing a plain, non-techy game brighten up their day.

They don't frustrate themselves in winning the game we played in fact we were the ones eager and competitive to get the blackout and shout Bingo for their card! They were also easily delighted by the simple prizes we prepared for them. We got so many things to learn from these grateful souls.

It has been a great privilege to bless others and serve God with your friends and officemates. God is truly amazing! From the planning stage until the actual event, He was there to guide us through. His provision is perfect and on time. Special thanks to people who extended their help in making this event possible. God bless you more than a thousand folds!

Initially we thought of blessing these folks that day but it turned out we were the ones who are more than blessed by their grateful heart and joyful spirit.

Faces of the elderly were advised not to be published in any form of social networking sites to protect their privacy but we will always remember their faces full of thanksgiving that any high-tech camera can never capture.

If you're interested to volunteer or help, you may visit their official website http://www.allsaintshome.org.sg/ or http://www.asvolunteer.blogspot.sg/ for more information.
In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ --Acts 20:35


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