Virgin America's In-flight Safety Video

Do you remember the first time you ride an airplane? I bet you're very attentive to the cabin crew as they demonstrate the aircraft's in-flight safety tips. But the more frequent you travel up in the air, you become accustomed to it, hence loose interest in the safety instructions. This is a known issue for all the airline companies, as it becomes harder to capture the attention of the passengers. Law of diminishing demand? or Attention Deficit Disorder? Haha both are hyperbole. Well whatever the cause is, the management and flight attendants from Virgin America employ their creative beans to bring together this boring yet essential in-flight safety tips to an impressive production number. They sing, they dance, they act, they rap but most importantly they inform. It's like a talent buffet.

Personally, I felt like watching a larger than life Glee performance. Enjoy and turn to the beat as you watch this video.

Caution: Too much exposure to this video may cause LSS(Last Song Syndrome).


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