Unstoppable Faith

If I am to describe Nick Vujicic in one sentence, that would be "Small man with a big heart for God." But what he had been through and what God has done and continually doing in him is beyond description. An indisputable living miracle.

I would always envy people who have watched him speak live before their very eyes, just as how I admire Nick's attitude towards life. Coming from a life without limbs to a life without limits.

Picture courtesy of myhero.com
Growing up with a supportive family who always brought him to church still gave him doubts about the love of God, his question was:
"God if you love me like you love them, why did you give me less."
Which is a valid question of an eight year-old child who finds himself less than what a normal kid have. I can't imagine how tough his developing years had been, with all the bullying, bad names and insecurities thrown in his face.

By the grace of God and the assuring love of his family, Nick chose to believe the truth that God is not the person who gives us pain, sickness and death, it's the enemy. God never wanted us dead, He desire for us to be with Him forever. Devil will try to deceive us with his schemes of pain, disappointments and unanswered prayers in the here and now. The enemy fills us with thoughts that God doesn't hear our prayers, that we are not good enough, that God is not real, that we're gonna be alone. Total lies from the King of Lies himself.

But our God offers hope in the there and then. You may not understand the now of why its happening to you, but God is all-knowing for He has a perfect plan for your future. That's the truth. Seek the truth, read the Word of God. Know your Bible, it's the source of God's hope, truth and promises.
Can God do all things? Yes. Does He need my righteousness to perform miracles? No. 
No one will live forever... We will all take our last breath 'cause we weren't destined to stay here. We were destined to go home.
If there is no heaven, what a depressing life this life really is. What a meaningless life this is on earth if we just live to die... But if there is heaven and a promise...  that to me feels like there is something out there that I know I've been created to live in.
But if you believe that Jesus is Lord and heaven is real, I can't wait to go home.
God loves you! Period. There isn't a day that comes that He's gonna love you more.
Can I smile? Yes. But does that mean that I don’t cry? No.  
Your son doesn't need an excellent college. Your son needs an excellent father and you will not become an excellent father until you know the best Father in the world. 
Go out and serve. Go out and love someone. Bring someone to Christ. Step out in faith.
If He doesn't give me arms and legs He's got something better.
If you're not happy in Jesus single, you're not gonna be happy in Jesus married.
When you don't get a miracle, you can still be a miracle for someone else. 
Be generous today. Be full of faith today.
We don't serve to receive. We don't give to receive. We give because of the love of God. 
The greatest miracle of all is knowing Him, more than arms and legs. 
God bless you Nick for blessing the Philippines not only with your story but His story through you and in you. May you reach more thousands of people around the globe, infecting them with your overflowing gratitude, positive attitude, joy and unstoppable faith through Christ Jesus.


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