Five Things I Learned at the Airport

Life is like an airport, it is a series of arrivals and departures. People come into your way at certain period of your life for a reason. Others pay a short stop while some visits for a while but one thing is for sure no one stays forever for we are all but pilgrims in this terminal called earth. Your life in this world was not meant to be your destination, someday we will all go Home at our own phase of ETD's from this planet to ETA's for eternity.

In the meantime, let's marvel on this journey and enjoy the ride. Make friends with time, it was not suppose to limit you. Do not find time for your loved ones, make time for them while they are still yours. So that when the moment comes that you need to say goodbye to them, awful Perhaps will not haunt you. Go. Love. Today. Now.

Family send off @NAIA Terminal 3 after my 2nd visit to Manila

Travel light. Get rid of the unnecessary baggage - resentment, insecurities, unforgiveness and the likes that steals away the peace and joy in your heart. Pack only the basic things you need in life. Over-baggage can be costly.

More than your destination, enjoy your flight. Often times it is during the journey that you get to learn more than being at the actual goal.

Observe. There are so many things you learn by observation. Watch how family stick together, how friends nourish their relationship, how parents raise their kids, how to do good in your studies, how to reach the corporate ladder, how to live simple and content, how to be grateful. Although experience is a good teacher, yeah no dispute! A wise person can learn from the experiences of others, so you wouldn't need to endure the consequences of that future-bad-decision because others already did. Isn't it comforting to know that you can learn from mistakes of other people? Prevention is a better option than cure.

Delayed flights are inevitable, divert your attention to something valuable at the moment. Read a book. Make friends. Take a power nap. Do not waste your time grumbling to something you do not have control of as if whining will resolve the issue. Be grateful. Delays are not always meant to halt you but sometimes they deliver you from a future mischief.

Have a safe and meaningful trip!


i like it so much girl...i have learned a lot...really..:)....keep doing this so i can learn more...see you..:*
GiRLie said…
Thank you Sally! I'm glad you liked it just like how I enjoyed writing it :) See you soon!

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