Five Ways to Hide an Elephant

Truth is an essential state of vitality that each human being is in search for. Knowing and believing in those truth serves as the foundation of how you live, what you hope for and the direction you intend to follow.

In your quest of finding the truth in life, you will encounter different concepts and theories by known philosophers, teachers and leaders. Each of them may sound appealing, but not all will be beneficial.

I found the following account interesting as Professor Peter Kreeft of Boston College creatively describes in his book Three Philosophies of Life how truth can be concealed in this modern world:
  1. Distraction - Elephants can be hidden if there are mice present. Especially if there are a lot of mice around. The little things distracts us from the elephant
  2. Propaganda - Give the elephant bad press. You criticize it, bad mouth it, give it a bad name, so that when somebody mentions the elephant, people respond, "Yucks, don't like elephants!" The truth is obscured by the propaganda of the press.
  3. Indifference - If society can be brought to respond to the elephant in such a way that when one says there is an elephant, everyone yawns and says, "So what? It is boring or irrelevant to our lives," the elephant is hidden. Truth  becomes obscured.
  4. The pursuit of happiness - If in our modern society we can convince people that the elephant doesn't make them happy, we can get them to ignore the truth because we tend to ignore anything that doesn't make us happy.
  5. Relativism - It is the idea that truth is what you believe to be true. If you don't believe it to be true, it is not truth. Relativism therefore says, the elephant can be there for you, but it is not there for me. Truth is what you believe rather than ultimately reality -- whether you believe it or not.
          Paraphrased by Edmund Chan in his book Growing Deep in Faith

Truth is, truth matters. It is the distinct definition of your persona - your state of mind, beliefs, decisions. Truth sets you free from bewilderment. Truth is the backbone that allows you to make that stand. Truth is the light at the end of the tunnel. Truth sets you apart. It is therefore fundamental to settle the truths you believe to be true.
A person who does not stand for something will fall for anything.
What truths do you hold on into your life? Know your truth. Breathe your truth. Speak your truth. Live your truth.

Don't let the world withhold the truth from you.


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