Dear Mhalyn

I believe in divine appointment.

I believe that God causes people's path to cross. So we can meet new people of different shapes, color, personality and interests. Spend time together and nurture the relationship that will change us, then looking back we can say that we were never the same. Only because that person who was once a stranger to us, encouraged us, loved us, believed in us and find time to be with us.

Dear Mhalyn,

I'll be forever grateful that God led my way to yours ten years ago. I will never forget that faithful day when I met you and Kat at the children's ministry as a Sunday school teacher, during the time when I've been praying to God that I could meet ladies whom I can be friends with. But knowing God's favor, He gave me more than what I ask for. You're more than a friend to me. My sister from another mother and father :) Most importantly my sister in Christ.

Your tender heart for your family, taught me to extend the grace I thought I never had.
Your overflowing patience for other people, reminded me to always remain grounded with the right perspective at hand.
Your loyalty at work, encouraged me to be thankful in small and big blessings that I get.
Your kind spirit will always be a delight.

Thank you for being handy. For listening to my sporadic grumbles and frustrations. For taking time to pray with me. For all the planned and spontaneous travel adventures we've been through. For the food cravings and voracious lunch, dinners we've shared. We may not see each other that often now, but I know in my heart that our friendship can bridge a thousand miles. That we are not confined by the frequency of physical togetherness.

Now that you're finally tying the knot, I knew that you are not taken away from your friends and family but God is highlighting His story through your life so you could all the more inspire others and vouch for God's faithfulness. Your story is a declaration of how our heavenly Father delights to grant the desires of His children's heart as long as we continue to put our trust in Him.

Congratulations Mhalyn! Your wedding will be one special day, but your marriage is worth a lifetime. I'm in one with you as we ask God to bind your relationship with genuine love, pure joy and respect for one another. As God lead you both in His perfect will and plan as husband and wife.



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