Pray for great prayers

January reminds me of God's faithfulness for the past year and God's promises for the coming year.

This is the time of renewing the hope that keeps us dreaming; the faith that keeps us believing and the love that keeps us loving people both endearing and abominable.

Most importantly this is the time of uttering prayers ranging from our personal dreams, our journey of faith, advancement of God's kingdom to the development of our country. Which makes me ponder on what kind of prayers am I praying for this year? Am I praying for petty things? Or asking God to do great and impossible in my life?

A speaker once said, why would we make smallish prayers, isn't our God big enough to accomplish His plans for us? Why would we limit God who can do amazingly and even beyond all that we ask for? God is challenging us to pray for great and mighty things so that people will see how great our God is.

Prayers are not meant to be less than great. So let's pray for great prayers this year.


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